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Commercial real estate can augment your investing strategy

Learn the Benefits of
Real Estate Investing


Benefits of Commercial
Real Estate Investing


Predictable Cash Flows

The more stabilized the property or higher its occupancy, the higher the probability of a steady and predictable stream of cash.

Forced Appreciation

Unlike single family homes, commercial real estate (CRE) properties are valued on their net operating income (NOI) rather than comparable sold properties.  We force appreciation in our properties by increasing revenues primarily through renovations and decreasing expenses through operations.


Inflation Protection

As property values and rental income typically increase during periods of inflation, real estate may provide a hedge against inflation over the long-term.

Tax Benefits

Take advantage of various tax incentives including cost segregation, accelerated depreciation, 1031 exchanges, refinances, retirement accounts, and more.



Real estate can provide diversification within a portfolio of traditional investments such as stocks and bonds

Passive Investing

Our investors shouldn't have to work a second job as a landlord to invest in real estate. Our goal is to deliver tax-advantaged, risk-mitigated, superior returns on a periodic basis.

Adding Passive Income to Your Portfolio

Passive income from commercial real estate provides periodic cash distributions without significant effort beyond your initial investment.


At Clive Capital, investors can invest in a variety of commercial real estate properties strategically located across the country. The expert syndicators at Clive Capital and its partners will actively source, underwrite, inspect, finance, and close on the best properties available, and then engage in tenant and property management and maintenance.


Consistent, Reliable Monthly
Rental Income

Financial wealth and independence requires reliable and consistent streams of income. While income-producing stock investments in the form of dividends is one alternative, its track record for consistent distributions is too undependable. The potential production of steady monthly rental income can make real estate an ideal cash-flow investment.

Create a Diversified

Even if your portfolio consists of a range of asset classes such as stocks and bonds, the equity and debt markets are too volatile to deem them dependable. To achieve diversification, investors must consider adding alternatives like volatility real estate.


Clive Capital offers multifamily apartments as well as built-to-rent homes in its portfolio to help diversify across asset classes.


See How Real Estate
Can Help Achieve
Growth Goals

With potentially lower volatility than the stock market and higher historic long-term gains, real estate investing can be attractive to growth investors. Investment returns from apartment properties have historically exceeded other asset classes during high inflationary periods.



Apartments as a superior asset class in volatile markets

With our increasingly volatile markets, savvy experienced investors turn to commercial real estate to weather the storm and maintain their passive income. Download and learn why apartment syndications are a superior asset class.



Diversification is a Winning Strategy

Investing in "alternative assets". Uncovering those many asset classes - let alone just becoming an expert in any one - can take several years. This guide will introduce the alternative assets which will provide superior risk-adjusted returns; enumerate the many benefits of these assets; and provide guidance on how to obtain more information to put you on a path toward becoming a sophistaced investor.

A Strategy to Grow

A traditional growth strategy leverages investments that may increase in value over the long haul. For buy-and-hold real estate investors, this means investing in properties with potential for appreciation, with the intention of profiting at the time of sale. Additionally, ideal properties may even offer quarterly distributions over the course of ownership.


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