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Passively investing in commercial real estate shouldn’t be rocket science. We’ll walk you through how it all works.

How it Works


4 Simple Steps

At Clive Capital, we know passive investing in commercial real estate—let alone investing in alternative assets—can be daunting. That’s why we try to educate our investors every step of the way, starting with a simple four-step process of how it all works.

4 simple steps

Our Approach

Clive Capital invests in strategic real estate assets that are well-positioned in terms of location and provide an opportunity for long-term value generation. We analyze every deal with a focus on local market dynamics, our existing relationships, and thus providing better than market investment returns. We fundamentally believe that our proven operating capability, coupled with geographic focus, will continue to drive outsized returns.



We focus on value-add self multifamily and built to rent investment opportunities.


We look for investments with strong returns on a risk adjusted basis.

We diversify across various types of real estate in various geographic markets across the United States.


Our partners are experienced and have done numerous commercial real estate syndication deals with a proven track record.

Our Approach

How You Make Money

Cash flow from passive income is more than just collected rent. Our experienced operators leverage allowable tax incentives such as cost segregation, bonus depreciation, and tax-free refinancing. Additionally, cash flow will be used to pay down debt to build investor equity, and we force appreciation in commercial real estate assets to improve an asset’s profitability upon disposition.


Get Started

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Get Started

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