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(Educational) Why Should I Invest Outside of the Stock Market with Keshav Kolur

Meet Keshav Kolur, the principal and founder of Clive Capital, a pioneering private equity firm specializing in delivering exceptional, risk-adjusted returns through investments in real estate, energy, private debt, and more. With a passion for diversification and wealth generation, Keshav offers tailored solutions for both novice and seasoned investors alike. 

A seasoned software engineer with a rich background in top-tier tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook, Keshav's journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by a desire for greater investment diversity. Recognizing the limitations of traditional investment avenues like 401k, RSUs, and ETFs, Keshav embarked on a mission to offer alternative pathways to wealth accumulation, passive income, and tax benefits.

Join us for our upcoming webinar as we uncover the compelling reasons why savvy investors are diversifying their portfolios outside traditional stocks.

Why Should I Invest Outside of the Stock Market with Keshav Kolur - PodcastInvesting for Generational Wealth
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